Visiting pilots


Effective from 15 January 2024

Due to suspension of surveillance equipment (Radar) at ESMK, approach and aerodrome control will be conducted without the use of surveillance equipment.
Air Traffic Services will be conducted in accordance with approved contingency plans, but ATC capacity will be limited.

Delay due to flow restrictions may occur.

See NOTAM for each airport for detailed instructions.

Visiting pilots

Kristianstad’s Flygklubb is located at Kristianstad Österlen Airport. Their hangar sits just north of the apron and is accessed via Taxiway D. Accommodation is possible in the clubhouse.

Airfield information

Kristianstad Österlen Airport , ESMK, is a controlled by ACR Traffic Control. Official information is found in IAIP.
PPR – PN is required for VFR-traffic outside of operational hours. Use the following link to the Flight club to request PPR  Visiting pilots of ESMK | Kristianstads Flygklubb (

Visitors from outside EU cannot travel to ESMK as first stop within EU, you need to enter via an airport with customs/immigration. (e.g. ESMS).

Airport tower: 129.355 (”Kristianstad Tower”, outside of operational hours call ”Kristianstad Radio”).

Runway 01/19: right-hand circuit runway 19.

Runway 11/29 (grass): permanently closed from 2023-03-23.

Avoid flying over the village of Everöds (finns en lucka i banans förlängning), the churches and the spirits factory. See traffic turns here.
Skydiving in the field all year round! Landing zone east of the tarmac at the level of the apron (avoid passing at low altitude in the middle of the field)

There is also a rescue helicopter stationed at ESMK and it operates outside tower hours. They do appreciate that your transponder is turned on so you are visible to them (although it is not a requirement when the tower is closed). Its callsign is Lifeguard+three digits.
When it’s on a rescue mission the call sign changes to Rescue Lifeguard + three digits, and it should then have highest priority.


BP UL91 and Jet A1 are provided by the airport; For UL91 you need a BP Sterling UL91 card.

Visiting the club (non-commercial, MTOW < 2500 kg)

If you would like assistance from the club, contact us preferably via (is checked several times per day) and provide us with ETA/ETD,  registration, and other information. You could also call +46 734 42 68 60 but we are not always able to answer.
There is no personnel stationed at the club so we do prefer to have a heads-up of your arrival at least a couple of days in advance.

If you arrive and need to leave the field ”via the ground” (and nobody is present) there is a one-way gate you could use. When coming back and the club is closed then you need to ask if the personnel at the terminal could let you through (if it’s open), otherwise, you need to contact the club via the number above.

There is no landing fee (obs non-commercial, MTOW<2500kg) if you add information to the digital guestbook on the desktop at the open computer at the flying club (to the left inside the entrance door). There is no fee for short-time parking the plane on the lawn (max 1 week, thereafter 100 SEK/week or 250 SEK/month). If you would like to have it inside a hangar (if there is space) then the fee is 100 SEK / 10€ per 24 hours.

We have some foldable beds you could use if you need to stay at the clubhouse during the night. We then ask you to ”contribute” to our club with 100 SEK/10€.

Observe: according to concession board decision KN120/97, touch-and-go’s and skydiving are not allowed on the following days: Good Friday, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whitsun Eve, All Saint’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and July 5th and 19th.


Airport plates (in Swedish)

Latest published airport plate from KSAB-Svenska Flygfält.

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