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At KID we have gate check-in. You check in, drop your luggage, and board – all in the same place, at a manned counter, just before going through to security. Fast, flexible, and easy!
Check-in opens 60 minutes before departure and closes 15 minutes before departure.

If you need assistance, are traveling with animals, with small children, or are traveling as UM – Unescorted Minor, we ask you to be at the airport well in advance of departure.


Rules for carry-on baggage and checked baggage may differ between different airlines. Contact your airline for information on size and weight restrictions, as well as rules for what you can bring in your baggage.

Carry-on baggage

There is a restriction regarding liquids in carry-on baggage. Each individual package may contain a maximum of 100 milliliters. Place all your packages of liquids in a clear plastic bag that you can present at security. The bag may hold a total of 1 liter. You can find more information about permitted liquids on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website

Forbidden items
Read more about what you can bring with you in carry-on baggage on BRA’s website

Checked baggage

Read more about what you can take with you in checked baggage on BRA’s website

Security check

When you get to the security checkpoint, we ask you to take out computers, tablets, and any liquids and put them in separate trays. You also need to remove your jacket, hat, scarf, telephone, metal objects such as large belt buckles, large hair clips and jewelry, and empty your pockets. All your belongings, as well as you, are then security screened before you can go ahead to the gate.

Traveling with small children

At KID, it should be easy for everyone to travel. For those of you traveling with small children, we have sulkies that you can borrow all the way to the aircraft stairs. You will find nursing rooms in both the departure/arrival hall and the gate. If you need to check in a pram or car seat, we offer the opportunity to buy special protective plastic bags for this on-site.

Bromma Airport

Bromma is also a slightly smaller airport, easy to navigate. When you land, you have a short walking distance to the exit and baggage claim. If you are going on a connecting flight, follow the Connecting Flights sign and proceed directly to the gates.


Lost & Found

Did you lose something along the way? Contact us

While waiting for your flight

Our departure hall is your living room.
Take a stroll to find the place that suits you best to wait for your flight. An available armchair, or a sofa if you´re a group. View over the apron or a little more seclusion. There is a corner here for everyone – a bit like a living room. “The Lounge” is another little corner where everyone is welcome to have a seat. Should you want to take the opportunity to work for a while, we have tables with charging sockets and chairs with armrests where you can sit a little extra comfortably.

Have a cup of coffee or tea – it´s on us!
If you want something to go with your cup, we have a small kiosk at the information desk, where you can buy a little treat.

Then take the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility you will find at our place.