Performing work at KID

For external companies coming to perform work at KID

Before Your Visit

For those who are coming to perform work at KID, it’s good to know that we might have slightly different routines than other workplaces. As an airport, we are committed to maintaining a secure operation and adhering to the regulations governing us.

At the Airport

Upon arriving at the airport, please check in and present your identification/company badge at the Information desk. All visitors will be registered here and provided with a visitor´s badge to be worn visibly throughout the day. We will ask for your name, what company you represent, and the nature of the work you will be performing. After completing your tasks, check out at the Information desk and return your visitor´s badge. If your work extends over multiple days, check out at the end of each day and check in again the next day.

Airside Access

If your work involves tasks on Airside, completion of our Airside training is required. If it has not already been conducted and submitted by your company, you will be required to complete it upon check-in.


If you have any questions before your visit, feel free to reach out to us at +46 44-238800