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Kristianstad Österlen Airport

Flygplatsvägen 1
297 92 Everöd
Tel: 044-23 88 00

Mon-Thurs:   07.00-18.00
Fri:                   07.00-15.00
Sun:                16.30-18.30


Kristianstad Handling/Traffic Information

Matters regarding on-going flight
Tel: 044-23 88 10

Mon-Tues:       05.00-19.30
Fri:                     06:00-16.00
Sun:                   16.15-19.15


Airport Opening Hours

The terminal is always open 1h before, and 30min after departures/arrivals

Kristianstad Tower UTC

Opening hours: see NOTAM
Tel: +46 (0) 44 23 88 58


Contact information

CEO – Jonas Haak:
Operations Manager – Sara Nilsson:
Maintenance manager – Joakim Norén:
Safety Manager – Max Sjöklint:
Security Manager – Wilhelm Nilsson:
Finance Assistant – Linda Andersson:



Give feedback or report an incident

Kristianstad Österlen Airport shall remain a safe and secure airport!
All employees, but also visitors to KID, have a responsibility and an obligation to do their utmost to prevent that event occurs that can affect flight safety, the work environment, or the environment.
Kristianstad Österlen Airport also constantly strives to maintain and improve the delivery of our services.
By reporting, you can ensure that incidents that occur at the airport, any complaints, or suggestions for improvement are known and dealt with safely.