Check-in times


Domestic flights

If you are flying within Sweden, we recommend you check in 60 min before your scheduled flight, and at the very latest 15 minutes before departure.


For charter flights, you will need to check in 2 hours before your flight, but please consult your airline or charter company for their latest check-in times, as they can vary. .

Baggage allowance

Since luggage allowance can also vary between airlines, be sure to check with your airline company for size and weight restrictions for hand luggage and weight restrictions for hold luggage. Attention. For information regarding weight and measurement limitation on your hand luggage, please check with the airline you will be travelling with.


Travelling with small children

If you are travelling with small children, you can buy protective packaging for your stroller at the airport. Baby changing facilities are available at the airport.

If you have a disability and need extra assistance from our team at the airport, please notify your airline when booking your flight. You can pre-book assistance up to 48 hours before your flight. If you have an electric wheelchair, please check your airline’s policy regarding electric wheelchairs. You will need to provide details regarding the size and weight of your wheelchair when booking your ticket. Similarly, if you use oxygen apparatus, you must inform your airline to ensure that the equipment and batteries conform to your airline’s regulations.